Lots of interesting abstracts and cases were submitted for TCTAP & AP VALVES 2020 Virtual. Below are accepted ones after thoroughly reviewed by our official reviewers. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore your knowledge and interact with authors as well as virtual participants by sharing your opinion!

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Case No. Category Case Title Presenter Country Likes
CASE20191115_014 Chronic Total Occlusion When ROTA Came as Rescue Anil Kumar India Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191115_012 Complications A Difficult Retrieval of Emboshield® Device in Graft Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Siddhartha Mani India Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191115_010 Others (STRUCTURAL HEART DISEASE) A Rare Case of Right Atrium Cardiac Myxoma with Pulmonary Embolisms in Right and Left Pulmonary Artery Okki Masitah Syahfitri Nasution Indonesia Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191115_009 Complications Poor Sizing of Stent Leading Stent Thrombosis and Consequences Samir Gautam Nepal Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191115_007 Complications Catheter-induced Iatrogenic Right Coronary Artery Extensive Dissection Successfully Treated with IVUS-Guided PCI Towong Jirotjananukul Thailand Click! if you like it. 1
CASE20191115_006 Acute Coronary Syndromes (STEMI, NSTE-ACS) Myocardial Bridge in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction: The Crux of the Matter Hendy Bhaskara Perdana Putra Indonesia Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191115_003 Bifurcation/Left Main Diseases and Intervention Impact of Jailed Corsair Technique for the Complex Bifurcation Lesion Atsuichiro Shigenaga Japan Click! if you like it. 1
CASE20191115_002 Chronic Total Occlusion Retrograde Recanalization of a Chronically Occluded Right Coronary Artery Through a Bentall Aortic Prosthesis Stylianos Pyxaras Germany Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191115_001 Peripheral Vascular Disease and Intervention Save My Limb: A Case Report of Stage IIA Acute Limb Ischemia Meity Junita Satyo Indonesia Click! if you like it. 0
CASE20191114_019 Complications Cardiogenic Shock Post Successful PCI to CTO Yen-Lien Chou Taiwan Click! if you like it. 0