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Official early bird registration period has ended. Any early-bird registration for TCTAP is NOT eligible. Registration for 28th TCTAP 2023 is only offered via the official website and onsite. Please be cautious not registering with unauthorized links.

Register and enjoy the full access to

the scientific sessions

the exhibition hall and activities

all satellite Symposia

the food and beverages

* Offline attendance ONLY

Registration Badge Pick-up & On-site Registration

Date Opening Hour Place
Saturday, May 6 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM B1F
Registration Booth
at Grand Hall Lobby (Round Lobby)
Sunday, May 7 ~ Monday, May 8 6:30 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Tuesday, May 9 6:30 AM ~ 1:00 PM
  • Please make sure that you have to wear your badge at all times during all conference activities and events.
  • The fee for on-site badge changes or reprints is $50 per change/reprint.
  • If you didn’t register for early-bird, you can register onsite of TCTAP 2023.

Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance for 28th TCTAP 2023 will be distributed along with the badge.
Please check out the back of your badge when you collect your badge onsite.

Registration Rates

(Currency: USD)

Registration Type

Offline Attendance

Online Attendance

~ May 5, 2023


May 6~9, 2023

Physician Interventional Cardiologist/
Clinical Cardiologist/
Interventional Radiologist/
Cardiovascular Surgeon/
$1000 Free
※ Access to Presentation Theater 1 ONLY on May 7-8
※ Online-only attendance is not eligible for the certificate of attendance.
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Pediatric Cardiologist $300
Fellow Interventional Cardiologist/
Clinical Cardiologist/
Interventional Radiologist/
Cardiovascular Surgeon/
Pediatric Cardiologist $300
Resident $400
Nurse/ Technologist $250
Industry Professional $400
Other $400
Domestic (Korean citizen)

등록 구분

오프라인 참석

온라인 참석

~ 2023년 5월 5일


2023년 5월 6일 ~ 9일

전문의 200,000원 무료
※ Presentation Theater 1 채널만 5월 7일~8일 온라인으로 송출됩니다.
※ 온라인만 참석 시 연수평점 인정 및 참석확인증 발급이 되지 않습니다.
더 알아보기
소아심장의 90,000원
전임의/ 산업체/ 기타 110,000원
전공의/ 간호사/ 간호조무사/ 방사선사/ 영양사/ 운동사/ 임상병리사/ 물리치료사/ 선수트레이너/ 군의관/ 공중보건의/ 학생 70,000원

Terms and Conditions

Registration for and access to TCTAP 2023 is subject to CVRF’s Privacy Policy.

Prohibition on Badge Swapping, Sharing, or Lending * Offline attendance ONLY

Each person attending the event must have the badge bearing their own name in her or his possession at all times while on the premises at which the event is taking place. SWAPPING, SHARING, OR LENDING AN EVENT BADGE TO ANY OTHER PERSON IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Anyone found to be wearing a badge that does not bear that person’s name will have the badge immediately be charged the full cost of the additional registration. No replacement badges will be provided, and no refunds will be made, in whole or in part, for violating this policy. Violators of this policy (the person to whom the badge was issued, the person found to be in possession of the badge, and where appropriate the company that purchased the badge) may also be banned from attending or participating at any future CVRF event.

Cancellation Policy

Offline Attendance During Early Bird Period
~ April 21, 2023
Full Refund
w/o Administration Fee*
*International: $50 / Domestic: 1,000 won
After Early Bird Period
April 22, 2023 ~
No Refund
  • If you have registered for online attendance or have not completed the payment yet, you can cancel on the 'Check Registration' page.
If you have any questions about conference or registration, please check FAQ first and contact the secretariat.