[TCTAP 2021 Virtual] TCTAP Workshop - VI. CHIP

April 22, 2021 | 3:35 PM ~ 5:06 PM

Moderator(s) Stephen G. Ellis, Tullio Palmerini
Panelist(s) Jung-Min Ahn, Kefei Dou, James Flaherty, Shigeru Nakamura, Bruno Scheller

Complex PCI with Calcification
- What Is Complex PCI, Do Outcomes Depend on Complexity Type and Number? [Mamas Mamas]
- My Worst Heavily Calcified Complex Case: Expert Tips for Guiding, Wire, Catheter, and Specialty Balloons [Ajay J. Kirtane]
- Orbital or Laser Atherectomy in Complex PCI [Kevin Croce]
- Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A

Diffuse Long & ISR Treatment
- Limiting Stent Length: Back to Spot Stenting [Antonio Colombo]
- Drug Coated Balloons: Present Status and Future of the Technology [Aloke V. Finn]
- DES vs. DEB for ISR PCI - What Is the Best Weapon? [Robert A. Byrne]
- Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A
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