Presentation Templates

Download Presentation Slide Templates

For Lecturers Navy ver. White ver.
For Abstract/Case Presenters Oral Presentation Navy ver. White ver.
E-Poster Presentation Navy ver. White ver.
For Live Case Demonstration Live Case Briefing

General Guidelines

  • Please follow the instruction and keep the format of the templates
    • Widescreen(16:9)
    • Must include Disclosure
    • Do not use unnecessary animation effects.
  • There is no limit for the number of slides but keep the presentation time allotted.
    Session Workshop / Hot Topic / Plenary Session Abstract / Case Hot Debate
    Allotted Time for each Presentation 10 mins. 10 mins.
    (6 mins. of Presentation, 4 mins. of QnA)
    15 mins. / 20 mins.
    (depends on the session)