[TCTAP 2021 Virtual] TCTAP Workshop - I. Left Main and Bifurcation PCI

April 21,2021 | 9:10 AM ~ 10:47 AM

"Moderator(s)-Spencer B. King III, Yves R. Louvard
Panelist(s)-Adrian P. Banning, Alaide Chieffo, David E. Kandzari, Do-Yoon Kang, Sunao Nakamura

Chapter-I: Left Main PCI
-Individualized Decision-making Between CABG and PCI for Multivessel or LM Disease: Expert Surgeon's View [Mario Fl Gaudino]
-Chaos in Procedural MI Definitions in Trials Comparing PCI vs. CABG: How Do We Reconcile? [Patrick W. Serruys]
-Updated Left Main Revascularization 2021 and Perspective on New Guidelines Changes [Seung-Jung Park]
-Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A

Chapter-2: Bifurcation PCI
-The Most Important Things That We Have Learned from Syntax and Excel [Thierry Lefevre]
-Bifurcation PCI at the Crossroads: New Physiology-Guided Decision-Making 2021 [Bon-Kwon Koo]
-Upfront 2-Stenting for Bifurcation Lesions: When and How? [Shaoliang Chen]
-Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A"
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