KCTA Symposium: Allied Professionals Session - Part I: Featured Lectures

April 23, 2021 | 3:40 PM ~ 4:46 PM

Moderator(s)-Min Suk Lee, Mitsuaki Matsumura
Panelist(s)-Byoung Won Cheon, Se Young Im, Jeong Hun Kim, Seung Hoon Lee, Sungwoo Lee, Kyung Jin Park

-Physiological Assessment for Post PCI : Can We Measure Post-PCI FFR? [Do Hyung Lim]
-What is the Best Physiological Assessment Tool?: FFR vs. IFR vs. QFR [Sang Man Park]
-Post-PCI iFR Assessment: Insights from DEFINE-PCI Trial [Mitsuaki Matsumura]
-Q & A with Discussion
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