Accepted Abstracts & Cases

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List of Accepted Studies

Total: 224
No Case Title Presenter
1 TCTAP C-001 / CASE20231016_002

A Challenging Case Report: Non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome With Critical Stenosis of Distal Left Main Bifurcation Caused by Eruptive Calcified Nodules

Piyoros Lertsanguansinchai


2 TCTAP C-002 / CASE20231117_029

Contribution of Ipsilateral Collateral in pPCI

Minh Hung Ngo


3 TCTAP C-003 / CASE20231109_003

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Siew Hoon Ong


4 TCTAP C-004 / CASE20231030_006

Mechanical Thrombus Aspiration in STEMI

Vicknesan Kulasingham


5 TCTAP C-005 / CASE20231104_004

A Case Report: Young MI Patient With Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection in Both Lad and Rca Artery: What Should We Do?

Tung Ngo


6 TCTAP C-006 / CASE20231110_002

It Is a Wrap.

Seng Hsiung Toh


7 TCTAP C-007 / CASE20231117_011

Successful Reperfusion With Intracoronary Thrombolysis via Aspiration Thrombectomy Catheter in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Polpat Euswas


8 TCTAP C-008 / CASE20231101_010

A Management Dilemma: Case of Coronary Artery Ectasia Presenting as ST Segment Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction in a 56- Year- Old Male

Meliton III Aquines Evangelista


9 TCTAP C-009 / CASE20231117_032

Atrial Septal Occlusion Device in an Ischemic Ventricular Septal Rupture

Jerome Joseph Sioson


10 TCTAP C-010 / CASE20231031_012

Extensive Anterior Myocardial Infarction in Young Gentleman With Single Coronary Artery Anomaly

Chew Fui Lo


11 TCTAP C-011 / CASE20231101_013

Paradoxical Coronary Artery Embolism With Decreased Protein C Activity.

Kota Fujihara


12 TCTAP C-012 / CASE20231031_002

A-Sixty-Five-Year-Old Man With Coronary Artery Aneurysm Experiences Acute Myocardial Infarction

Lo-chia Yeh


13 TCTAP C-013 / CASE20231116_003

A Stent in Time, Saves Nine! When Speed Does Have an Advantage.

Ghulam Hussain Soomro


14 TCTAP C-014 / CASE20231031_008

ST-Segment Depression in AVL: A Strong Predictor of Inferior Occlusion Myocardial Infarction (OMI)

Ahmad Faisal Badaruddin


15 TCTAP C-015 / CASE20231117_068

Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Challenges in Addressing SCAD or Coronary Spasms in the Young Female

Andi Yuniar Firmansyah


16 TCTAP C-016 / CASE20231015_001

Navigating the Complex Coronaries in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Mohd Tawfeq Mohd Noor


17 TCTAP C-017 / CASE20231107_002

Simultaneous Double Vessels Acute Total Occlusion

Ng Kwang How


18 TCTAP C-018 / CASE20231116_016

Goodbye Calcium: Combining Rotational and Orbital Atherectomy

Ting Wai Bernard Wong

New Zealand

19 TCTAP C-019 / CASE20231116_033

Mechanical Clot Buster for SVG STEMI

Jonathan Gabriel Sung

Hong Kong, China

20 TCTAP C-020 / CASE20231027_003

Keeping It Simple

Swee En Goay


21 TCTAP C-021 / CASE20231117_016

Contemporary Management of Diabetic Calcific Diffusely Diseased Female Coronaries-A Combination of Coronary Imaging and Intravascular Lithotripsy

Ayan Kar


22 TCTAP C-022 / CASE20231102_004

Coronary Artery Dissection and Hematoma Formation After Intravascular Lithotripsy for Severe Coronary Artery Calcification

Nao Yasuda


23 TCTAP C-023 / CASE20231108_004

Bidirectional Orbital Atherectomy for Treatment of Diffuse and Calcified Coronary Artery Disease

Gavin Ng


24 TCTAP C-024 / CASE20231117_026

Mechanical Thrombosuction to Rescue for On-Table Myocardial Infarction Due to Clot Migration

Prabesh Neupane


25 TCTAP C-025 / CASE20231101_006

IVUS-Guided Treatment of Spiral Dissection for Preserving Side Branches

Yoshinobu Murasato


26 TCTAP C-026 / CASE20231107_008

No Lumen Lasts Forever.

Yuen Hoong Phang


27 TCTAP C-027 / CASE20231030_017

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Chi Na Cheng

Hong Kong, China

28 TCTAP C-028 / CASE20231117_080

Bifurcation Stenting Technique With Angulated Side Branch in Presence of in Stent Re-Stenosis With Drug Eluting Stent & Drug Coated Balloon

Hariom Tyagi


29 TCTAP C-029 / CASE20231101_002

A Challenging Case of Szabo Technique for Ostial Lesion in a Left Main Trifurcation

Khoo Song Weng Ryan


30 TCTAP C-030 / CASE20231117_075

IVUS Guided Non Left Main DK-Crush Stenting (LAD/D1) Bifurcation

Kala Jeethender Kumar


31 TCTAP C-031 / CASE20240130_003

Home-Made Dual Lumen Microcatheter – Pierced Balloon Assist Technique for Bifurcation and CTO Lesions

Najmiddin Makhkamov


32 TCTAP C-032 / CASE20231104_001

Against All Odds

Kai Soon Liew


33 TCTAP C-033 / CASE20231117_051

Dousing the Fire Dragon

Afrah Yousif Haroon


34 TCTAP C-034 / CASE20231023_008

Halfway Rotational Atherectomy With Cutting Balloon to Facilitation of PCI at Very Tortuous LAD

Osit Bambat


35 TCTAP C-035 / CASE20231030_004

Challenging Case Report: PCI for Severe Calcified Lesion Using Rotational Atherectomy Device via the SVG Bypass

Yohei Oishi


36 TCTAP C-036 / CASE20231101_012

A Case of Successful One-Stage Revascularization by Using Rotablator and Lithotripsy (Rotatripsy) in a Patient With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction and Undergoing Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

Yasunori Inoguchi


37 TCTAP C-037 / CASE20231029_013

Leopard Crawl Technique in Retrieval of Entrapped Side Branch Wire in Calcified, Bifurcation Lesion

Neerusha Kaisbain


38 TCTAP C-038 / CASE20231027_002

Overcoming Left Main Bifurcation Lesion With Nodular Calcification Using Rota-Cut Strategy

Akara Kijnithikul


39 TCTAP C-039 / CASE20231117_004

Pandora Box: Chronic Total Occlusion and Severe Calcified Lesion

Mohd Ruslan Mustapa


40 TCTAP C-040 / CASE20231109_002

A Case of In-Stent Intravascular Lithotripsy for Poor Stent Dilatation in a Severely Calcified Lesion

Masahiro Shimoda


41 TCTAP C-041 / CASE20231117_054

"Cracking the Calcium Code": Strategies and Outcomes in Angioplasty for Coronary Lesions With High Calcium Burden

Sharimila Shanmugam


42 TCTAP C-042 / CASE20231116_015

A Challenging Case of Calcified Chronic Total Occlusion Lesion in Multivessel Coronary Angioplasty

Hisham Shahrom


43 TCTAP C-043 / CASE20231031_010

Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Percutaneous Coronary Intervention With Intravascular Lithotripsy After Failed Rotablation in a Severe Calcified Case

Yu Min Lin


44 TCTAP C-044 / CASE20231023_004

A Severe Calcified Lasting Artery Case: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention With Rotational Atherectomy

Trung Minh Tran


45 TCTAP C-045 / CASE20231026_005

The Wave of a Hanging Rock

Noor Yuhyi Sulaiman


46 TCTAP C-046 / CASE20231116_007

A Challenging Case Report: A Case of Successful Device Delivery With Lesion Modification by ELCA

Takeshi Sasaki


47 TCTAP C-047 / CASE20231010_001

A Calcified Left Main Intervention With Lithotripsy and Intravascular Imaging

Ranjan Modi


48 TCTAP C-048 / CASE20231107_003

Successful Staged PTCA of Complex CTO of LAD and RCA in A Patient With Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease and Severe LV Dysfunction

Saurabh Goel


49 TCTAP C-049 / CASE20231101_005

Challenging Case of CTO for Patient With Anaphylactic Shock Against Iodinated-Based Contrast

Tsuda Takuma


50 TCTAP C-050 / CASE20230928_001

Its a Bird! Its a Plane! Its Supercross!

Aaron Hean Jin Ong


51 TCTAP C-051 / CASE20231029_017

A Challenging Two CTOs Case Report: Man Proposes, but God Disposes

You-Ning Chang


52 TCTAP C-052 / CASE20231107_001

I See, I Stream and I Conquer: A Case of IVUS Guided 3D Rewiring of RCA CTO-ISR

Heng Shee Kim


53 TCTAP C-053 / CASE20231117_077

Chronic Total Occlusion: To Treat or not to Treat?

Ying-Chang Tung


54 TCTAP C-054 / CASE20231030_010

A Case of Successful PCI of RCA Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) With Retrograde Wiring Technique for Recanalization From a False Lumen.

Yi-Tsang Fu


55 TCTAP C-055 / CASE20231029_016

Surprise After Wiring CTO

Chun Lin Raymond Cheung

Hong Kong, China

56 TCTAP C-056 / CASE20231117_012

Success After Several Twists and Turns for RCA CTO

Yen-Lien Chou


57 TCTAP C-057 / CASE20231030_018

Retrieving Stuck RG3 in the Severely Calcified Chronic Total Occlusion of RCA

Haw-Ting Tai


58 TCTAP C-058 / CASE20231031_007

A-IVUS Guided CTO Case Report: What Is Next Step for 3 CTOs?

Kuo-Ming Yang


59 TCTAP C-059 / CASE20231117_091

"Double Trouble": Antegrade and Retrograde Approach in Chronic Total Occlusion of the Right Coronary Artery and Left Anterior Descending Artery

Jemilyn Valenzuela Bandillo


60 TCTAP C-060 / CASE20231117_059

The Anchor-Balloon Technique for Difficult Chronic Total Occlusions

Pitchayathinan Jiratchayachote


61 TCTAP C-061 / CASE20231016_001

Application of Intracoronary Rendezvous Technique as a Tunnel for Chronic Total Occlusion

En-Shao Liu


62 TCTAP C-062 / CASE20231117_063

Tango Dance of the Retrograde Microcatheter During CTO PCI

Yu-Ching Chang


63 TCTAP C-063 / CASE20231031_006

Guide Extension Facilitate Externalization in Retrograde CTO PCI

Bogie Putra Palinggi


64 TCTAP C-064 / CASE20231115_019

A Complicated Road Block: Left Main Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion Intervention Using Nano- Crush Bifurcation Technique

Avik Karak


65 TCTAP C-065 / CASE20231117_038

LMT True Bifurcation Lesion and Reocclusion in Mid LAD After DES Removal due to DCA Catheter

Mayu Sakuma


66 TCTAP C-066 / CASE20231029_015

Intravascular Ultrasound-Guided Antegrade Approach for Left Main Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion

Jian Kuan Yeh


67 TCTAP C-067 / CASE20231108_001

Complex CTO With Epicardial Collaterale Retrograde Which Is the Best Approach?

Mahesh Shivaji Ahire


68 TCTAP C-068 / CASE20231031_013

A Challenging Case Report: Kawasaki Disease With Graft Failure Soon After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery and Persistent Chest Pain

Yu Chuan Chuang


69 TCTAP C-069 / CASE20231117_070

Conquered Unattainable to Attainable Lipton R-III Right Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion to Reprieve My Patient

Ankit Gupta


70 TCTAP C-070 / CASE20231030_016

A Case With Double Chronic Total Occlusion: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Weiting Sung


71 TCTAP C-071 / CASE20231115_021

Case Report: Sunlight After the Storm: Difficult Calcified Chronic Total Occlusion and Upfront Two Stent Strategy Bifurcation of LAD/D1 PCI

Richard Chay Shien Long


72 TCTAP C-072 / CASE20231117_069

A Challenging Chronic Total Occlusion Case: When the Microcatheter Tip Was Detached at a Tight Lesion

David TE-WEI Kuan


73 TCTAP C-073 / CASE20231101_011

Chronic Total Occlusion Intervention in a Young, Obese Patient With End Stage Renal Disease: Scraping Through by the Skin of Our Knuckles

Noor Diyana Binti Mohamad Farouk


74 TCTAP C-074 / CASE20231118_007

Another Way to Move the Cap

Chin Wai Lai

Hong Kong, China

75 TCTAP C-075 / CASE20231029_018

An Attack on Both Fronts: An Angulated Chronic Total Occlusion Requiring Simultaneous Antegrade Real Time IVUS-Guided Puncture and Reverse CART Technique

Jeffrey Chun-Yin Lee

Hong Kong, China

76 TCTAP C-076 / CASE20231115_020

An Imaging Guided Percutaneous Intervention to Ostial Chronic Total Occlusion of Left Anterior Descending Artery

Chai Yih Tan


77 TCTAP C-077 / CASE20231117_055

A Challenging Case of Complicated CTO Revascularization With Life-Threatening Cardiac Tamponade

Yu-Lan Liu


78 TCTAP C-078 / CASE20230808_001

When It Seems Hopeful .. A Full Time Attempt Antegrade CTO

Salma Elshokafy


79 TCTAP C-079 / CASE20231116_004

A Case of Triple Vessel Disease (Distal LMT, Ostial LAD CTO, Proximal RCA and LCX Stenosis) With Poor Left Ventricular Function Deemed Unfit for CABG Underwent Full Revascularization by Complex PCI

Hou Tee Lu


80 TCTAP C-080 / CASE20231117_097

A Challenging Case Report: Retrograde Approach to Overcome Long CTO

ChaoWen Hsueh


81 TCTAP C-081 / CASE20231101_007

The Last Resort for Frequent In-Stent Restenosis

Keisuke Nakabayashi


82 TCTAP C-082 / CASE20230925_002

Out With the Old, in With the New: Previous Stent Rotablation With Intravascular Lithotripsy

Mohd Asyiq Al-Fard Bin Mohd Raffali


83 TCTAP C-083 / CASE20231025_008

Solving Recalcitrant Instent Restenosis With Combined Laser Atherectomy and Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy

Sakolwat Montrivade


84 TCTAP C-084 / CASE20231107_006

Enhancing Precision in Complex PCI: A Case Report of CTO In-Stent Restenosis Intervention Guided by Optical Coherence Tomography

Mardlatillah Affani


85 TCTAP C-085 / CASE20231029_001

In-Stent Restenosis Stenting by Optical Coherence Tomography Guidance

Dr Raja Ramesh Nukavarapu


86 TCTAP C-086 / CASE20231117_101

Chain Reaction--Endless Nightmares!

Dhiman Banik


87 TCTAP C-087 / CASE20231112_009

LM Bifurcation With Rotatrypsy in 75 Yr Old Man With CKD

Sumanta Shekhar Padhi


88 TCTAP C-088 / CASE20230917_001

High Risk left Main Intervention in an Octogenarian

Punish Sadana


89 TCTAP C-089 / CASE20231117_067

OCT Guided Provisional Stenting Distal Left Main -LAD

Fani Suslina Hasibuan


90 TCTAP C-090 / CASE20231029_003

Navigating Complexity: Managing Left Main Trifurcation Lesion With Stent Protrusion into Aorta

Kay Powpuree


91 TCTAP C-091 / CASE20231029_010

A Challenging Case Report of Complex Critical Left Main Bifurcation Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI): Hualai River

Wittawat Wattanasiriporn


92 TCTAP C-092 / CASE20231116_032

Left Main Coronary Artery Total Occlusion in Recent Myocardial Infarction

Ta-Hsin Tai


93 TCTAP C-093 / CASE20231030_001

Break the Calcium Rock - A Challenging Case of Calcified Left Main Bifurcation Lesion With Rotashock and Impella Support in an Elderly Patient

Yin Kei Jake Yeung

Hong Kong, China

94 TCTAP C-094 / CASE20231102_007

The Last Hope

Choutchung Tinakorn Na Ayudhya


95 TCTAP C-095 / CASE20231108_003

A Rare Case Report: Floating Wire Technique in Isolated Ostial Left Main Coronary Artery Disease

Adriyawan Widya Nugraha


96 TCTAP C-096 / CASE20231026_001

Lifeline Hanging by a Short Thread-Like Left Main

Huzairi Sani


97 TCTAP C-097 / CASE20231117_092

The Story of Left Main

Shohely Binte Mostafa


98 TCTAP C-098 / CASE20231117_022

A Gush of Anxiety: Coronary perforation or Coronary-Cameral Fistula Following Revascularization of Occluded Left Anterior Descending Artery

Khai Chih Teh


99 TCTAP C-099 / CASE20231117_042

Stent Blooming Complication: Guide Extension Catheter Nightmare in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Robin Hendra Wibowo


100 TCTAP C-100 / CASE20231118_010

Optimizing Guiding Catheter and Device Delivery : A Systematic Approach for Successful Intervention

Ronaldi Ronaldi


101 TCTAP C-101 / CASE20231118_001

A Tricky Case Report: Staged Intervention for Double Ostial Lesions

Tung-Lin Tsui


102 TCTAP C-102 / CASE20231030_011

Impella-Assisted Complex High-Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Yen-Po Lin


103 TCTAP C-103 / CASE20231102_003

Rota Burr Stall in an Under Expanded Stent

Vijin Joseph V. F


104 TCTAP C-104 / CASE20231110_003

To Knot or Not to Knot

Smita Kanungo


105 TCTAP C-105 / CASE20231116_030

A Twist in the Story: Iatrogenic Catheter-Induced Coronary Artery Dissection

Chi Tung Chen


106 TCTAP C-106 / CASE20231030_009

Retrieval of a Partially Degloved and Distorted Coronary Stent – The Snare to the Rescue

Boon Cong Beh


107 TCTAP C-107 / CASE20231014_006

Entrapped in an Unexpected Site During Retrieval of Dislodged Coronary Stent

Tsz Ho Chan

Hong Kong, China

108 TCTAP C-108 / CASE20231110_004

Coronary Artery Perforation Successfully Treated With a Stent Graft and Second Drug-Eluting Stent

Chanikarn Kanaderm


109 TCTAP C-109 / CASE20231114_002

Decode and Deliver

Kogulakrishnan Kaniappan


110 TCTAP C-110 / CASE20231107_009

It Never Rains but It Pours

Mohd Khairi Othman


111 TCTAP C-111 / CASE20231113_002

Nightmare in Cathlab

Hitendra M Bhagwatkar


112 TCTAP C-112 / CASE20230909_001

From Stalled to Flowing

Iskandar Mirza Amran


113 TCTAP C-113 / CASE20231115_026

The Story of My Unfriendly Catheter

Donluck Poonkasem


114 TCTAP C-114 / CASE20231115_005

Unforseen Dissection

Kim Fong Ng


115 TCTAP C-115 / CASE20231117_085

The Sailor in the Deep Sea

Shariful Islam


116 TCTAP C-116 / CASE20231112_002

A Challenging Case of a Difficult-To-Wire Diagonal With an Unexpected Perforation!

An Shing Ang


117 TCTAP C-117 / CASE20231112_008

Sandwich in the Lab

Cliff Li


118 TCTAP C-118 / CASE20231117_031

Stuck Wire in a Calcific Coronary Artery

Richa Sharma


119 TCTAP C-119 / CASE20231027_008

Coronary Vasospasm Causing Abrupt Closure of Coronary Artery After Coronary Intervention

Cliff Li


120 TCTAP C-120 / CASE20230730_001

Loss of Flow in LCx and I Was Unable to Move the Guidewire Freely.

Chatree Wongsinkongman


121 TCTAP C-121 / CASE20231105_003

Unraveling the Mysteries of Kinked Coronary Catheters: A Case Series on Troubleshooting in Different Approaches in Limited Resources

Nikhen Noverike


122 TCTAP C-122 / CASE20231117_005

Stent Balloon Loss in Complex Coronary Intervention : How We Handle It

Shi-Chue Hsing


123 TCTAP C-123 / CASE20231116_020

Transient Collateral Augmentation: A Saviour During the Storm

Mohd Ruslan Mustapa


124 TCTAP C-124 / CASE20231117_006

Failure in Passing a 1-Millimeter-Wide Balloon Through the Stent Strut: What to Do Next?

Chih-Yang Lin


125 TCTAP C-125 / CASE20231006_002

Stuck HD-IVUS Catheter During Coronary Angioplasty - How to Bailout

Yue Hin Tang

Hong Kong, China

126 TCTAP C-126 / CASE20231117_061

Unforeseen Consequences, But Expected Outcome - A Complicated TASH Case

Wan Faizal Wan Rahimi Shah


127 TCTAP C-127 / CASE20231117_020

A Case of Stucked Rota Burr During Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Kee Wei Lee


128 TCTAP C-128 / CASE20231025_001

Iatrogenic Aorto-Coronary Dissection During CTO PCI Right Coronary Artery in Post-CABG Patient

Vimean Sey


129 TCTAP C-129 / CASE20231031_004

Retrieval of Double Dislodged Deformed Stent During Primary Angioplasty : A Challenging Case

Susanta Pradhan


130 TCTAP C-130 / CASE20231114_006

Recurrent Cardiac Tamponade After Rotablator-Associated Coronary Perforation Treated With Additional Covered Stent Implantation

Koichiro Hori


131 TCTAP C-131 / CASE20231113_001

Successful Deployment of a Dislodged Stent With a Small Balloon Technique: Special Reference to Over the Wire System.

Satej Sadashiv Janorkar


132 TCTAP C-132 / CASE20231117_024

Longitudinal Stent Deformation During Radial Approach : Retrieval Through Radial Access Was Not an Option

Joel Herbet


133 TCTAP C-133 / CASE20231117_065

What to Do If the Balloon Catheter Jams During Postdilatation?

Liudmila Ulyanova

Russian Federation

134 TCTAP C-134 / CASE20231117_057

A Challenging Case Report: Drifting Left Main Coronary Artery Stent!

Ali Azhar Khan

New Zealand

135 TCTAP C-135 / CASE20231027_009

Unexpected Left Main Coronary Occlusion in the Course of Routine Coronary Angiography

Dimas Rio Balti


136 TCTAP C-136 / CASE20231031_009

How a Simple Absorbable Suture Saved a Life on Distal Wire Perforation

Pangeran Akbar Syah


137 TCTAP C-137 / CASE20230811_002

A Challenging Bail Out in an Unexpected Case of Stent Distortion

Purushottam Kumar


138 TCTAP C-138 / CASE20231114_001

A Novel Design With a Rare Complication: DynamX Bioadaptor Dislodgement

Yi-Syuan Lin


139 TCTAP C-139 / CASE20231029_006

REGRET ME NOT: A Case of Stentablation Using Halfway Rotational Atherectomy of an Underexpanded and Undilatable Coronary Artery Stent in a Patient With a Recent ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction.

Allan Jake Cabanban Dela Cruz


140 TCTAP C-140 / CASE20231112_006

The Worst Is Yet to Come

Yushan Chien


141 TCTAP C-141 / CASE20231014_005

Acute Noflow After Stenting of LAD Chronic Total Occlusion

Chien Hsien Lo


142 TCTAP C-142 / CASE20231029_004

Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Catheter Induced Type F Coronary Artery Dissection With Subintimal Tracking and Re-Entry Technique.

Chong Wei Loong


143 TCTAP C-143 / CASE20231115_022

A Culprit From the Past

Steven Wong Poh Hock


144 TCTAP C-144 / CASE20231024_001

AWMI With Ostial LAD Occlusion - A New Thought

Musna Jamal


145 TCTAP C-145 / CASE20231117_047

More Than Meets the Eye, The Role of Imaging in Calcified Lesion and Drug Coated Balloon

Puti Sarah Saus


146 TCTAP C-146 / CASE20231008_006

Drug Coated Balloon in de Novo Lesion of Large Coronary Vessel Lesion, Ostial Left Anterior Descending Artery (LAD): Should We Use It More?

Jin Kiang Cheng


147 TCTAP C-147 / CASE20230927_001

Primary Angioplasty With Hybrid Approach Using Drug-Eluting Stent and Drug-Coated Balloon.

Kalyanaraman Kannan


148 TCTAP C-148 / CASE20231103_003

Case Report: Successful Revascularization of de Novo Chronic Total Occlusion Lesion With Drug Coating Balloon

Wee Pang Ng


149 TCTAP C-149 / CASE20231116_021

Challenging Case of Single Access Impella Assisted Double Vessel Angioplasty

Dr Naveen Bhamri


150 TCTAP C-150 / CASE20231013_001

Simplifying the Procedure for the Complex Patient: Stabilizing Hemodynamics for Safer PCI Using Percutaneous Left Ventricular Assist Device

Hitoshi Nakano


151 TCTAP C-151 / CASE20231023_007

A Patient With Triple Vessel Disease and Cardiogenic Shock

Koon Wee Koay


152 TCTAP C-152 / CASE20231116_012

Nine Decades Challenge : A Case of Very Old Age, Triple Vessel Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease and Acute Coronary Syndrome Status Post Complete Revascularization by IVUS and FFR Guidance.

Wei-Cheng Chang


153 TCTAP C-153 / CASE20231029_002

Triple Troubles- Migrated Stent, Calcified Vessels and Thin Cap Fibroatheroma

Chun Yu Fung

Hong Kong, China

154 TCTAP C-154 / CASE20231117_010

Impella Assisted Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for In-Stent Restenosis of Right Coronary Artery Stent Jutting Out Into Aorta for a Patient in Cardiogenic Shock

Lakshmi Durga Kumaraguruparan


155 TCTAP C-155 / CASE20231104_003

Ultra Low Contrast Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patient of Acute Coronary Syndrome With Renal Failure

Citra Dewi Wahyu Fitria


156 TCTAP C-156 / CASE20231115_003

High Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Chronic Total Occlusion of Left Circumflex Artery Involving Bifurcation Lesions With Severe Calcification and Tortuosity. How We Succeeded.

Kei Takahashi


157 TCTAP C-157 / CASE20231116_009

When Drug Is Not Enough and When Enough Is Enough?

Si Ling Soh


158 TCTAP C-158 / CASE20231117_041

A Challenging Case Report: Coronary Intervention in a Female With Aortic Aneurysm

Chia-Ling Tsai


159 TCTAP C-159 / CASE20231009_001

Chip-PCI in a 63-Year-Old Female Patient With HFrEF. Are These Lesions Chronic and Stable?

Hsuan I Pan


160 TCTAP C-160 / CASE20231117_100

Double-Edged Sword Situation in a Post-PCI Patient: A Case Report

Abeeda Tasnim Reza


161 TCTAP C-161 / CASE20231107_004

Negotiating the Tortuosities : PCI in a Female With Arteria Lusoria

Wickramasinghe Wasala Mudiyanselage Pasan Aminda B Abeysenevi

Sri Lanka

162 TCTAP C-162 / CASE20231115_006

Angiography Derived 3D Physiologic Mapping of the Coronary Flow Using QFR for the Planning of the Complex PCI

Oyunkhand Buyankhishig


163 TCTAP C-163 / CASE20231115_004

To Test Is to Believe: A Reverse Visual-Functional Mismatch Between IVUS and FFR

Hsuan-Ling Tseng


164 TCTAP C-164 / CASE20231115_008

To Treat or Not to Treat, for Those With Discordance Between Resting Full-Cycle Ratio and Fractional Flow Reserve, That Is a Question

Da-Wei Chang


165 TCTAP C-165 / CASE20231117_045

Guiding Intervention for Venous Graft in Coronary Bypass Using Resting Full-Cycle Ratio: Evaluation of Successful Effectiveness

Wei-Ting Liu


166 TCTAP C-166 / CASE20231117_018

Unraveling the Bridge: How an Invasive Exercise Test Gives a New Perspective to Myocardial Bridging

Wishnu Aditya Widodo


167 TCTAP C-167 / CASE20231117_056

Clinical Nuances in the Management of Coexisting Diffuse and Focal Coronary Artery Disease: A Case of Angiographically Underestimated Lesions With Significant Physiological Impact

Minju Han

Korea (Republic of)

168 TCTAP C-168 / CASE20231102_006

A Case of Delayed PCI Due to Inter-Analyte FFR-Angiography Discrepancy After Invasive FFR

Takashi Sasou


169 TCTAP C-169 / CASE20231029_008

Worse Than Being Blind Is Having Sight but No Vision. A Challenging Situation: Left Main PCI in Patient With Severe Contrast Media Reaction.

Korakoth Towashiraporn


170 TCTAP C-170 / CASE20231029_011

Debulking Calcium Nodule With Orbital Atherectomy

Jieli Kua


171 TCTAP C-171 / CASE20231114_013

What You See Is Not What You Imagine ; A Conundrum in Intervention

Vijayendran Rajalingam


172 TCTAP C-172 / CASE20231114_011

OCT- A Friend With Benefit

Nazmun Laila


173 TCTAP C-173 / CASE20231117_084

IVUS-Guided Wire Tracking Strategy in Extensive Hematoma From Sub-Intimal Wiring in STEMI

Rachel Ann Wong Denila


174 TCTAP C-174 / CASE20231025_003

A Case of IVUS-Guided LM Ambiguous Lesion Treatment

Yingqian Zhang


175 TCTAP C-175 / CASE20231031_001

Neointimal Coverage of Biolimus-A9 Coated Sent in Early Phase: Coronary Angioscopy Findings.

Taito Nagai


176 TCTAP C-176 / CASE20231030_008

What Lies Beneath

Rowina Lynne Murray


177 TCTAP C-177 / CASE20231031_011

Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Bifurcation Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Optical Coherence Tomography - Based Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Chi-Ting Lu


178 TCTAP C-178 / CASE20231117_013

Zero Is Not Bad at All - Zero Contrast PCI

Pragathi Gurram


179 TCTAP C-179 / CASE20231116_002

A Glimpse of Light at the End of Tunnel

Huan Yean Kang


180 TCTAP C-180 / CASE20231103_001

Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Management of Calcific Nodule With Intravascular Lithotripsy

Saurabh Dhumale


181 TCTAP C-181 / CASE20231021_002

Unexpected Intramural Hematoma in Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Masahiro Katamine


182 TCTAP C-182 / CASE20231029_009

Intravascular Ultrasound in Cardioembolic Myocardial Infarction - Seeing Is Believing

Wee Meng Ng


183 TCTAP C-183 / CASE20231031_005

Spontaneous Recanalization of Coronary Thrombus in a SLE Case Presenting as Acute Myocardial Infarction

Yiting Wu


184 TCTAP C-184 / CASE20231020_003

A Challenging Case: Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Guidance in Calcified, Tortuous and Giant Right Coronary Artery (RCA)

Evi Supriadi Sukardi


185 TCTAP C-185 / CASE20231113_008

Relative Merits of IVUS vs OCT in LM PCI- A Comparison

Rohit Mody


186 TCTAP C-186 / CASE20231117_003

Magic Touch: Intervention for Stenosis, Plaque, and Ischemia Without Devices

Haechan Cho

Korea (Republic of)

187 TCTAP C-187 / CASE20231117_081

Anomalous Coronary Artery Origin Presenting Clinically as a Chronic Coronary Syndrome: A Case Report

Kevin Francio


188 TCTAP C-188 / CASE20231101_016

Nightmare in the Cathlab: A Superficial Femoral Artery Pseudoaneurysm After Transcatheter Peripheral Vascular Bypass for Superficial Femoral Artery Chronic Total Occlusion

Li Ying Yu


189 TCTAP C-189 / CASE20231108_005

A Difficult Strategy of Double Trouble: Acute Limb Ischemia and Asymptomatic Severe Iliac Occlusion in a Single Limb

Nathania Purnomo


190 TCTAP C-190 / CASE20231116_010

A Case of Hemorrhagic Shock Saved by Hybrid Treatment of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Taro Takeyama


191 TCTAP C-191 / CASE20231101_003

Successful Bidirectional Approach for Three Successive Total Occlusions From Left Common Femoral Artery to Popliteal Artery

Yi Pan Li


192 TCTAP C-192 / CASE20231030_002

Bail Out of an Inflated Renal Stent, Which Was Dislodged After Successful Deployment

Dileep Kumar Tiwari


193 TCTAP C-193 / CASE20231112_007

A Challenging Case of Transcatheter Intervention for Rescue Obstructive Subclavian Artery in Children With Takayasu Arteritis

Quy Le Nguyen Phu


194 TCTAP C-194 / CASE20231116_008

A Challenging Case Report: Hemostasis of Right Subclavian Artery and Vertebral Artery Secondary to Artery Trauma During Central Venous Catheter Insertion

Su-Huan Chang


195 TCTAP C-195 / CASE20231117_071

Unveiling the Overlooked: Subclavian Steal Syndrome as an Underrecognized Neurovascular Culprit

Putu Dwipa Krisna Devi


196 TCTAP C-196 / CASE20231117_034

Sleep Disturbing Painful Leg in Patient Who Underwent Bilateral IFP Artery Interventions 5 Times After Fem-Fem Bypass Surgery

Wonmook Hwang

Korea (Republic of)

197 TCTAP C-197 / CASE20231117_046

A Case of Thoracic Endovascular Repair of Type B Aortic Dissection

Se Hun Kang

Korea (Republic of)

198 TCTAP C-198 / CASE20231117_030

Utilizing Self-Radiopaque Technique and Greater Aortic Curvature Guidance for On-Table Fenestration in Zone 0 Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair for Aortic Arch Aneurysm: A Case Report With Vietnam National Heart Institute Approach

Than Xuan Le


199 TCTAP C-199 / CASE20231116_017

Ticking Time Bomb-Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm

Bhishma Chowdary Donepudi


200 TCTAP C-200 / CASE20231115_001

Successful Thrombectomy Using Myocardial Biopsy Forceps in Subacute Limb Ischemia

Eiji Miyauchi


201 TCTAP C-201 / CASE20231117_027

Embolic Odyssey: Overcoming Challenges in the Battle Against Massive Pulmonary Embolism

Nay Thu Win

United Kingdom

202 TCTAP C-202 / CASE20231114_005

Percutaneous Pulmonary Thrombectomy on ECMO - Principles and Pitfalls

Ting Wei Teo


203 TCTAP C-203 / CASE20231016_004

EKOS in IVC Thrombosis

Li-Hao Yap


204 TCTAP C-204 / CASE20231106_001

Retrograde Direct Thrombectomy With Distal Pedal Access Using Fogarty Catheter in Acute Limb Ischemia

Harie Cipta


205 TCTAP C-205 / CASE20231117_062

A Challenging Case of Massive Acute on Chronic Bilateral Main Pulmonary Artery Embolism Requiring Mechanical Thrombectomy, Catheter Directed Thrombolysis and ECMO

Ahmad Bakhtiar Md Radzi


206 TCTAP C-206 / CASE20230913_001

Saving the Day: Thrombus Showdown in the Right Coronary Artery

Wei Juan Lim


207 TCTAP C-207 / CASE20231117_009

Constrictive Pericarditis Due to Actinomycosis With Short Course Therapy and Drainage of the Collections: A Case Report

Suphaphit Horadal


208 TCTAP C-208 / CASE20231103_002

A Rare PCI for Right Main Bifurcation

Su Po Hsueh


209 TCTAP C-209 / CASE20231101_015

Emergency Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Under Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Cardiogenic Shock due to a Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis With Large Annulus

Shinnosuke Nomura


210 TCTAP C-210 / CASE20231117_049

Patient-Specific Computer Simulation of Virtual Balloon Pre-dilatation and Accurate Assessment of a High-Risk Patient Before Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Xinlei Wu


211 TCTAP C-211 / CASE20231117_052

A Challenging Case of TAVR With Coronary Protection in a Patient With Low Anomalous Origin of Circumflex Artery

Debdatta Bhattacharyya


212 TCTAP C-212 / CASE20231117_044

Valve-In-Valve TAVR in a Patient of Degenerated Trifecta-21 With Severe Aortic Regurgitation and History of Implantation of AAA Stent Graft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Snehil Goswami


213 TCTAP C-213 / CASE20231101_001

An Interesting Case Report: Acute Myocardial Infarction Which Doesnt End up in Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Chatchai Pitakrattanachai


214 TCTAP C-214 / CASE20231109_001

Acute Left Ventricle Afterload Mismatch After Percutaneous Mitral Repair

Sunanto Ng


215 TCTAP C-215 / CASE20231027_005

MitraClip Single-Leaflet Detachment and Consequent Migration in Atrial Functional Mitral Regurgitation

Yong-Joon Lee

Korea (Republic of)

216 TCTAP C-216 / CASE20231115_023

A Good Plan in Succeeding a Way Out

Kar Lok Leo Lai

Hong Kong, China

217 TCTAP C-217 / CASE20231022_002

It Never Rains But It Pours

Huan-Chiu Lin


218 TCTAP C-218 / CASE20231021_001

Valve-in-Ring Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement With LAMPOON Leaflet Modification Technique

Ka-Chun Un

Hong Kong, China

219 TCTAP C-219 / CASE20231117_043

A Challenging Case of Double Atrial Septal Defect: Used Every Tip and Trick in the Book !

Atul Kaushik


220 TCTAP C-220 / CASE20231108_008

The Challenging Cardiac Structural Interventional Mission: A Percutaneous Transluminal Mitral Commissurotomy in a Patient With an IVC Filter

Thanaphruet Issarawattana


221 TCTAP C-221 / CASE20231117_001

Percutaneous Trans- Mitral Commissurotomy in a Patient With Giant Left Atrium - Tips and Tricks

Mukesh Jha


222 TCTAP C-222 / CASE20231113_004

A Case of Transcatheter Ventricular Septal Defect Closure in a Challenging Pectus Excavatum Patient

Kantasit Wisanuvej


223 TCTAP C-223 / CASE20231111_002

Symptomatic Severe Mitral Stenosis in a Pregnant Lady

Su Min Lim


224 TCTAP C-224 / CASE20231117_019

A Rare Giant Cardiac Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Right Atrium : Timeline of Evidence

Auliya Rezki Ananda


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