Master of the Masters

14th Winner | 2024

Nico Pijls, MD
Catharina Hospital, Netherlands

Nico Pijls, MD
Dr. Nico Pijls from Catharina Hospital was honored as the recipient of the 14th TCTAP Master of the Masters Award on April 26, 2024. Among his notable achievements stands the conceptualization of the Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), and his remarkable contribution to the field of interventional cardiology perfectly aligns with the TCTAPs mission of enhancing treatment methodologies for patients around the globe. Click on the button below to learn more about the 14th Master, Dr. Nico Pijls!


Nico Pijls

14th Winner | 2024

Nico Pijls, MD

Catharina Hospital, Netherlands

Alain G. Cribier

13th Winner | 2023

Alain G. Cribier, MD

Hospital Charles Nicolle, University of Rouen, France

Alan C. Yeung

12th Winner | 2022

Alan C. Yeung, MD

Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

Renu Virmani

11th Winner | 2021

Renu Virmani, MD

CVPath Institute, Inc., USA

Gregg W. Stone

10th Winner | 2020

Gregg W. Stone, MD

Mount Sinai, USA

Patrick W. Serruys

9th Winner | 2019

Patrick W. Serruys, MD

University of Galway, Ireland

David R. Holmes

8th Winner | 2018

David R. Holmes, MD

Mayo Clinic, USA

Eberhard Grube

7th Winner | 2017

Eberhard Grube, MD

University Hospital Bonn, Germany

Barry D. Rutherford

6th Winner | 2016

Barry D. Rutherford, MD

Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, USA

Spencer King

5th Winner | 2015

Spencer King , MD

Emory University School of Medicine, USA

Gary S. Mintz

4th Winner | 2014

Gary S. Mintz, MD

Cardiovascular Research Foundation, USA

Antonio Colombo

3rd Winner | 2013

Antonio Colombo, MD

EMO GVM Centro Cuore Columbus, Italy

Martin Bert Leon

2nd Winner | 2012

Martin Bert Leon, MD

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA

Masakiyo Nobuyoshi

1st Winner | 2011

Masakiyo Nobuyoshi, MD

Kokura Memorial Hospital, Japan