Pfizer Upjohn Korea Ltd.

  • Address: Pfizertower, 1-11 bungi, 3ga hyoehyundong, junggu, Seoul Korea
  • Website:
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Pfizer Upjohn Korea Ltd. Pfizer Upjohn Korea is Korean subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry. Using its advanced R&D resources, it has been providing innovative and value-added medicines used for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, urogenital diseases, and neurological disorders, and ocular disease in Korea. Pfizer Upjohn Korea is committed to providing top-quality differentiated products and services to meet our customers' needs, as well as making contributions to the public health and the local pharmaceutical industry. Especially, it has been making meaningful contributions to the industry, attracting global clinical trials, training clinical manpower and sharing information. As a responsible corporate citizen, Pfizer Upjohn Korea has conducted various Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) initiatives to achieve its vision of Working together for a healthier world

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